Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy of customers at is given the topmost priority. By gathering the personal information of the customers, we only aim at improvising the site usage by the customers. While you are working on our website, we never disclose any kind of personal credentials of the customers with the third party platforms. Collection of information from the customers is only for the sole purpose of elevating the user’s experience.


Collection Of Information

We collect the personal information from the users only for improvising their user experience. We normally collect and store our data in our highly secured and encrypted database for the sole fulfillment of legal and standard rules and regulations. This mutual agreement to share the mandatory information is must between both the parties, that is customer and We also use the personal information collected from you to send you the information about latest offers and interests.



Cookies are the small bit of information which are automatically stored by on its highly secured and encrypted servers. Your continued usage to gives the automatic allowance of the cookies tracing. If by any chance you are not in compliance with tracing your cookies, you are free to discontinue the usage of website at any given moment. By tracing of cookies, we make sure that your usage of our website is more convenient and smoother.


Processing Of The Information processes and implements the information collected from the users for the purpose of few operational activities and enhancement of the web portal. The website traffic is regularly analyzed and scrutinized statistically for the purpose of enhancing the website. The behavior of the people visiting is observed and amendments are made accordingly to make the website even more user friendly. The information collected can also be used for promotional attempts and improvising the marketing sector of

During some scenarios of fraud, theft or cheating, may operate your personal credentials. You can be assured that every tracing would be done within the boundaries of existing laws and governing bodies.


Association With Other Websites

We only take responsibility of terms and conditions and privacy policies of Any of the third party affiliates displayed and linked with our website may not be entirely linked with the policies and conditions of Idietitian. It is advised to the users to go through the terms and conditions of the third party platforms prior making any kind of transactions on the website. is by any means not responsible for the privacy policies and terms and conditions of these websites linked directly.


Security Concerns makes use of the highest technology available to safeguard the personal information of the customers. Privacy of customers is maintained, therefore we use highest level of security and firewall measures to make sure there isn’t any misuse of loss of sensitive information. It is the responsibility of to make sure that all the sensitive and personal information of customers is secured on its highly encrypted and secured servers. However, customers should understand that there is no such thing regarded as the perfect and mistake-proof internet.


Third Party Promotion

Customers might see any kind of third party advertisements displayed on These advertisements or promotional messages are displayed by third party platforms to promote their products or to convey any particular information. These are solely for the purpose of promotion and by no means are meant to extract your personal details for the purpose of spamming.


Acceptance Of Terms

Continued usage of by customer automatically grants its compliance with the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the website. However, the operational team of regularly updates it terms of use and privacy policy, therefore it is advised to keep yourself about the latest modifications.

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