Special Weight Loss Programs

Special Weight Loss Programs

Idietitianpro offers people with the service of special weight loss programs which includes special diets, not-so-heard of before. Special weight loss programs are unique framed and such developed so that they can provide effective results in minimal time. By special weight loss programs, Idietitianpro means diet plans for special occasions such as Ramadan diet plan, Navratras diet plan, Bridal diet plan and many more. Special weight loss programs come into effective when there is a special need by the customer because of any special event. If you want to be in shape and loose weight during your special time or during festive days, special weight loss programs are exclusively for you.


Idietitianpro offers many special weight loss program diet plans, few of them being:


Navratras Diet

As per the health and diet experts of Idietitianpro, diet pattern followed during the fasting days of Navratras result in effective and rapid loss of weight. Follow our exclusive Navratras Diet, shred your excessive weight and experience what it like to stay fit and healthy even during the days of festivity.


Bridal Diet

Your wedding is on your cards and you want to look all shaped up, glowing and blooming. We provide exclusive tailor-made bridal diet plans which provides bride to be in their best of health and earn praises from all around. You certainly want to look special-most on your special day, therefore, bridal diet plans are there to make you look and feel special.


Menopausal Diet

Menopausal stage results in many problems in a woman’s life like sleeping disorder, sudden weight gain, stress etc. We provide our customers with the exclusive Menopausal diet plans to make them all fit and healthy even during the phase of menopause.



Sports Nutrition

Being a sports person you need extra levels of energy in your mechanism in comparison to a common individual. Sports Nutrition makes for a specific science which assists sports person by providing them with the expert nutritional tips and guidelines to make them all fit and healthy in respective sports fields.


The expert health and diet team of Idietitianpro doesn’t only provides diet or health tips for the basic boost in sports person but also provides the services of patching up with distinctive sports team to provide them the desired diet and health plans. Having successfully tie-ups with many sports organizations, Idietitianpro has successfully increased the endurance, fitness and mental-fitness levels of the sports person attached to the respective sports organizations. We have earned many positive clients and are trusted to boost the diet plans of the respective sports members.


Individual athletes, both professional or non-professional seek special guidance from our expertise team of health and diet experts to make their performance improved and enhanced on the field. Being a sports person, you need a perfect blend of strength, flexibility, stamina and the sufficient ability to perform well. We at Idietitianpro provide the service of Sports Nutrition to help in achieving this perfect blend.


We are adept in providing the best and efficient post and pre-workout meals as per the individual requirements and health mechanism. Providing vegan, vegetarian and all natural healthy diet plans, we make sure all our sports enthusiasts get what they deserve. Through Sports Nutrition we make sure that health and it’s related issues never come as an obstacle into the way of sports enthusiasts.

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