Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

By any means when you communicate with Idietitianpro.com, it automatically grants permission to know about the customers. It stores the related information on highly encrypted servers about all the online activities of customers done on the web portal. For example, Idietitianpro.com records its visitors traffic to enhance the user friendly interface accordingly. By making a track of this we get to know which segment of the portal is being most viewed and being popular amongst the visitors. However, we never do any such methods where you need to disclose all your personal credentials.


However, if we gather any type of personal information from the customers, the choice is completely of the customer whether he wants to share the personal details with the portal. Its wholly the decision of the customers that whether they want to share their personal details in the form displayed on the website, live chat or any type of feedback form. To provide you with the best services and keep customers updated with all the latest information on health deals, it is advised to customers to share their name, email address, telephone number, goal weight, current weight and desired diet plan. Also, if you fail to provide the mentioned mandatory information then Idietitianpro.com won’t be able to serve its full services and customers may not have the full access to the site usage.


Customers can completely trust on their privacy. We by any means never share the name, email address or any personal information related to customers with the third party platforms. We only make use of your information to enhance your user experience on the website by displaying particular promotional banners and display you content which we believe would be of your interest.


Users must be aware that when they are accessing Idietitianpro.com, their cookies are automatically traced by its servers. Cookies are the information which gets stored on our highly encrypted servers. If you are not in compliance with the web portal tracing your cookies, you have full right to discontinue the access of the website. By tracing cookies, we strive hard to make your website exploration experience smoother and more user friendly.


We only take responsibility of the content displayed on our web portal, if by our website you are redirecting to other page, it is advised that you should read the terms and conditions of that portal prior engaging in any type of activity.


Your privacy is our utmost concern and you can easily trust on Idietitianpro.com that all their personal data and credentials won’t be shared by any non-trusted third party platforms. However, in case of any type of government intervention or inevitable circumstances, we would have to reveal your shared information. In any even of investigation or law interference, Idietitian would reveal the individual information to the independent private units, government officials or law reinforcement as stated in law or appropriate protocol.


Server encrypted with maximum security protocols and firewalls are set up at Idietitianpro.com, thus ensuring the maximum safe accessing of the website by the customers. All the top notch standardized efforts are used to protect the confidentiality of the information shared by the customers. However, customers should understand the fact that there is no such term as perfect and flawless internet security.


Idietitianpro.com has all the rights to alter the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the website at any given moment without notifying the customers prior. However, all such modifications or alterations done would be notified at the website at the earliest.


By providing your contact number and email address, you provide us the required permission to contact you for keeping you in awareness of the latest deals and offers on Idietitianpro.com. We never trade, share or sell the individual information with random third parties and you can be assured that you would only be contacted by the official associates of Idietitianpro.com.

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