Signs that your child is suffering from childhood obesity

Obesity in children is the major problem which is commonly found in the children. Childhood obesity is caused due to the unhealthy eating habits and pathetic lifestyle and routine of the child. Lack of sleep, excessive use of gadgets, predisposition, wrong food habits, stomach ailments left ignored can be responsible for causing abnormal weight gain in children. There are early sign which tells us that your child is suffering from childhood obesity. Some of the obesity indicators which should not be ignored by parents.

1.Abnormal or speedy weight gain

Rapid weight gain can be the indication of obesity in children. Abnormal wight gain is the tendency to gain excess weight than normal levels. Detection of the cause which is responsible for the problem can helps in controlling obesity. There are numerous reasons which are responsible for excessive weight gain.

2.Expansion in Intracranial pressure

The pressure which is build at the cerebrum part of the brain in brain tissues. This pressure also occurs in the tissue which connects the spinal chord and the brain. This can be the severe problem as can results in headache, ocular palsy, swelling in the optic disc, lack of concentration during studies.

3.BMI or Body Mass Index

BMI is the mechanism to which is used to determine the overall obesity. It is a parameter induced with the ratio of height and weight. BMI exceeds 30 is considered as overweight. BMI 35 is the first level in the direction of obesity, BMI 40 is known as class 2 obesity and BMI exceeds 40 is considered as class 3 obesity. Obesity can be life threatening when left untreated or ignored.

4.Not get enough sleep

For proper health and body weight, good sleep also plays a significant role. Lack of sleep leads to the disturbance and imbalance in the human body. Good sleep is important as it helps in regulating the hormonal imbalance and helps in maintaining healthy weight. Inadequate amount of sleep results in various ailments and sickness. Proper sleep helps to reduce obesity in children.

5.Persistent Inflammation Process

Chronic inflammation or intestinal ailments can leads to excessive weight gain. Inflammation results in the narrowing or blockage in arteries and blood vessels sometimes. This can reduce the supply of oxygen to other parts of the body and tissues. Persistent inflammation can leads to fatigue and depression which also results in the instant weight gain due to dehydration and lack of oxygen supply.

6.Genetic factors or Genetic predisposition

Genetic factors also plays a primitive role in maintaining the health. Obesity levels also depends on the genetic predisposition. Obesity or weight gain caused by genetic factors is more difficult to reduce than the obesity caused due to environmental disorders and lifestyle dysfunction. Obese couple is likely to have an obese baby. It is more challenging factor to get rid of genetic obesity.

There are some of the reasons which are responsible for obesity in children and must be resolved before the lapse of time. Obesity can also cause other chronic diseases.


Signs that your child is suffering from childhood obesity
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Signs that your child is suffering from childhood obesity
Obesity in children is the major factor which can leads to the excessive weight gain and can cause other lifelong ailments. If you found any above mentioned sign in your child then immediately consult the doctor.
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